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Do you want to decrease formula costs for your plastics manufacturing process?

Using BOUNDARY BREAKER™ in your thermoplastic applications gives you an enormous edge over your competitors.

Depending on application the throughput can be increased by a staggering 12% - 30%. Formula component dispersion are increased which can reduce the amount of expensive additives thus saving formula costs. Additionally in foamed products the improved cellular nucleation allows for a weight reduction while maintaining physicals.

ECOPURO'S core value is a sustainable approach for all our technologies. With BOUNDARY BREAKER™ you reduce energy consumption throughout the process by lowering the drag coefficient. Can you imagine the amount of CO2 reduction globally if the plastics industry reduced energy by 10% - 25%?

Studies have shown that BOUNDARY BREAKER™ is safe for manufacturing equipment and helps to reduce overall warpage of parts. It is also FDA approved for direct food contact and safe for drinking water having passed NSF 61.

Paint and Coatings

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Dispersion of additives to reduce cost

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Degasification of polymers

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Improved Pigment mixing

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Reduced sag of polymers

Drilling and Fracking

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Reduced energy consumption 10%-25%

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Reduction of clay deposits in drilling string

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Improved Proppant pack stability

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    100% water-based fracking possible

Heat Exchange Fluids

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Improved heat transfer through Boundary Layer

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Converting heat transfer from conduction to confection

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Works in all fluids

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Reduced calcification in process equipment

Advanced Composites

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Ability to tailor CTE of a structural foam

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Reducing the CTE mismatch between structural foam and laminates

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    Ability to tailor density through structural materials in a foam

  • Boundary Breaker™ Benefit

    3D composite structural foam matrix

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