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Since ECOPURO’S® inception in 2009, its mission was always to invest into research and development for new technologies finding solutions to commercial problems.

Who we are #1

Our Focus

By attending technical conferences in these rapidly growing markets, we were able to listen to experts who explained what they were working on, as well as their suggestions what is still existing as problems.

At these conferences, we noticed a recurring theme, a roadblock directly or indirectly related to the fluid to fluid mixing zones which was limiting these commercial product applications.

Therefore, ECOPURO® focused on the fundamentals of fluid dynamics and surface modification of structural particles which were selected from a group consisting of: solid materials, porous materials, manmade material and naturally occurring minerals.

Who we are #2

Our Mission

While researching these specialized structural particles, one of the founders, Mr. William Johnson, realized that he had accidentally modified the fluid dynamics relating to the boundary layer with these engineered structural particles.

As in most disruptive technology breakthroughs it happens by accident and in the case of the Boundary Breaker® technology it is no exception to this rule. This new engineering breakthrough simultaneously produced a solution for a variety of fluid dynamic limitations in all of these commercial categories.

Who we are #3

Our Vision

ECOPURO® set out to produce a diverse global patent portfolio relating to this new technology. For the next two years ECOPURO®produced patents in five different technology areas for the protection of the innovative new technology Boundary Breaker® which are: