• Increases formula component dispersion which can reduce expensive additives.
  • Loading 0.25% - 5.0 % by weight of total formula depending on application.
  • Reduces energy consumption throughout the process by lowering drag coefficient.
  • Helps to reduce overall warpage of parts.
  • Passed NSF 61 safe for drinking water.
  • FDA - Approved for Food contact
  • Safe for equipment (2 yr study with no wear).
  • US and international patents and patents pending.
  • Improves cellular nucleation, allowing for weight reduction.
  • 12%-30% Increases in Throughput.

Building materials

  • Pipe and pipe fittings
  • Deck and Railing
  • Trim
  • Siding
  • Windows

Pipe and pipe fittings

Boundary Breaker has passed NSF 61 testing for fresh water pipe with no issues. Boundary Breaker has been successfully run in multiple pipe sizes from .5 inch to 24 inch both in PE and PVC piping as well as multiple size a-nd configuration of fitting.

Decking and railing

Boundary Breaker has the ability to disperse material much better throughout the polymer matrix while pushing none melting particle to the inside of the flow. This gives a resin rich surface and allows the material to flow much faster through dies with less melt fracture.

Siding - Industrial trial

  • Lubricant package reduction by 50%
  • Removal of all process aid
  • Head pressure reduced
  • Throughput increase
  • Reduced energy per linear foot
  • Sample produced passed initial physical testing

Windows - Industrial trial

Boundary Breaker was able to give:
  • 16% throughput increase
  • More consistent gloss across the part
  • Increased impact strength
  • Meeting all other physical and aesthetic requirements